Ancient Egyptian Knowledge

Preface to a Philosophy of Science, Human Behavior and Evolution

Nietzsche once said: "I want to teach men the meaning of their existence: which is the Superman, the lightning from the dark cloud man."

Balls of Fire offers an evolutionary explanation of Nietzsche's "superspecies," ancient Egypt's "Sun-god," early China's "diamond body," Teilhard de Chardin's "Ultra-human," Antonin Artaud's "body without organs," and Christianity's "God-man."

Spanning 5,000 years of history from ancient Egypt to our technoprogressive 21st century, the science reviewed in Balls of Fire builds on The Isis Thesis (2004) and 12 journal articles (2005-2013). The Isis Thesis is a semiotic study of ancient Egyptian literature, artwork, ritual, and architecture, showing that ancient Egyptian deities are signs for human and microbial genes and proteins evolving into a hybrid quantum species. The deities' activities describe the ancient glycolysis gene expression network in our cells and mirror the lifestyles of a complex bacterial virus that uses this ancient developmental pathway. Surprisingly, other historical religious deities mirror the activities of Egyptian deities, so religion has also preserved an evolutionary science for survival of human DNA in a quantum environment. Balls of Fire exposes this hidden survival agenda in baseball, ancient cultures, alchemy, literary texts, Christianity, world visions, our sciences, and history itself.  Welcome to the Game of the Centuries.

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P r e f a c e

    The corpus of Egyptian funerary texts demonstrate an advanced twenty-first century knowledge of space physics, quantum physics, molecular biology, supramolecular chemistry and bacterial genetics. Using this expansive knowledge base, the ancient Egyptians carved a sophisticated symbolic system of art and hieroglyphs into the tombs of the Pharaohs and nobility to disguise their Science. The Isis Thesis (Volume 1) posits that the primary objective of their hidden scientific knowledge was to map the chemical path by which the genetic heritage of the Deceased was preserved and vectored into a bioluminescent species that was not recycled back to earth and the world of photosynthesis. Decoding an elaborate network of over 870 signs in eight different texts spanning 2000 years, the thesis explains how the Pharaohs' Science of Death made humans into gods by cloning a new species. With this knowledge, the Pharaohs insist humanity can re-invent itself at Death. For humans today this knowledge may be an alternative to species suicide due to overpopulation, nuclear war, global warming and mass extinction.

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Edition:  Perfect Paperback 
Edition:  Perfect Paperback        
The Story - a surreal plot of works of art, fact and fiction

    To convey this scientific knowledge to readers and students that are not scientists or Egyptology scholars, The Road from Orion (Volume 2) is a story supporting and relating to the study, based on a surreal plot of fictional characters, historical facts and great works of art. Using the Egyptian method of providing drawings to aid understanding, the Table of Contents for the story is modeled on the Egyptian Senet game and depicts 30 chapter drawings related to events in the story. Within the text of the story, direct quotations of creative artists from renowned works of literature, art, music and philosophy are designated by italics with the work itself referenced in a short bibliography at the conclusion. These great works of art point to scientific concepts referenced in the thesis and add support to the interpretation, but not valid scientific evidence. Other themes woven within the story's plot address several controversial questions: Is schizophrenia a direct mental experience of the quantum world of atoms? Do hallucinogens allow humans access to the quantum world? Do each of us have an invisible double? Did royal incest enhance the Pharaohs' spiritual consciousness? Has our idea of God prevented us from accessing comprehensive wisdom?

The Isis Thesis
The Road From Orion
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